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Business Solutions for Clean Water



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Chris Askew-Merwin
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From manufacturing and water treatment facilities, to boating and fishing, America’s freshwater is intricately tied to businesses and economic opportunities. Businesses heavily rely on clean water to keep their operations running, and poor water quality and degrading infrastructure are posed to harm business success. In fact, estimates show that infrastructure failure could result in $147 billion in increased cost of water rates to businesses. As a result, business leaders and federal, state, and local programs that engage with them to protect freshwater resources are vital. Provided below are some examples of state incentives, partnerships, and opportunities that legislators can apply in their own state.


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California Blue Business Council

A network of business partners who collaborate on and engage in protecting and maintaining California’s waterways.

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Michigan Blue Economy Council

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Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Center Water Innovation Trust

Provides funding for public and private clean-tech clean water solutions.

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Federal Conservation Innovation Grants

A competitive program that funds projects aimed at improving agricultural conservation and improving water and soil quality

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Bureau of Reclamation's Water Prize Competition Center

Engages companies in an innovation-based competition within three priority areas: Water Availability, Environmental Compliance, and Infrastructure Sustainability

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