NCEL Briefing: Climate Finance & the States

January 5, 2024



NCEL Point of Contact

Ava Gallo
Climate and Energy Program Manager


State legislatures across the nation are dealing with a flurry of anti-ESG and anti-climate bills that propose to restrict financial managers’ ability to take important climate-related information into account in their decisions.

As 2024 sessions begin, state legislators need to be prepared to understand these bills so they can support the ability of state and local governments and businesses to be free to make smart, climate-conscious financial decisions. Moreso, state lawmakers can build long-term economic resiliency by empowering or requiring that state financial officers incorporate best practices in climate financial risk management into their financial decision-making and regulatory practices.

Attendees learned from experts and other policymakers for best practice legislation in the climate finance space.


  • Frances Sawyer, Pleiades Strategy
  • Jordan Haedtler, Climate Finance Expert
  • Sarah Benatar, Coconino County Treasurer
  • Sen. Sandy Pappas, Minnesota 

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