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By connecting legislators to their peers, convening them at national and regional meetings, and providing them with messaging, research, and other personalized assistance, NCEL empowers state lawmakers to pursue bold and equitable environmental policies.



Members trust NCEL to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information in the form of fact sheets, online resources, and scientific research on environmental threats and emerging issues. We provide rapid response to legislators’ information requests, acting as their remote environmental staff to provide them the tools they need to advance environmental protections.

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NCEL keeps legislators up to date about state and federal environmental issues so that they can make informed decisions. We connect legislators with the leading experts or advocates in their states. We also connect legislators with their peers from across state and party lines to learn from each other’s experiences.



NCEL brings together a nationwide community that is strengthened through in-person and virtual meetings that create spaces for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. These include regional and issue-based meetings, ongoing issue working groups, and our annual National Forum.

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NCEL fosters collaboration across state lines and highlights legislator successes. This includes cultivating multi-state lawmaker working groups such as the Carbon Costs Coalition and the Mississippi River Legislative Caucus, boosting legislators in the media, and informing legislators across the country about their colleagues’ environmental successes.

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States are often referred to as the laboratories of democracy due to their ability to consider and enact ambitious policies ahead of the federal government. Many of America’s great federal laws came from or were inspired by state policies. This makes NCEL’s mission of empowering state legislators crucial to strong legislation at both the state and federal level. Empowering state legislators can ensure strong environmental policies not just for states, but also the nation

States Matter
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Check out our session analysis of some of the strongest environmental legislation to be introduced and pass in recent years.

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