Legislator Spotlight

Representative John R. C. King, South Carolina



NCEL Point of Contact

Dylan McDowell
Executive Director


What motivated you to get involved with environmental issues?

I worked with my community to prevent a hazardous waste incinerator that was toxic from operating in York County.. Also, serving in the House since 2009, I became connected with Conservation Voters of South Carolina. I won the Green Tie Award in 2020 for having an 85% lifetime score and a 106% on CVSC’s Conservation Scorecard for my voting record.

What environmental issues are you most passionate about?

I fight for clean air and water and support efforts to protect our rights to a clean environment, including supporting and working to pass the Environmental Bill of Rights introduced in the SC House of Representatives by my former mentor and colleague, Rep. Joe Neal.

How has NCEL helped you in your work?

NCEL has connected me to a wealth of legislators who are like-minded, experienced and knowledgeable about tackling environmental problems and creating healthy solutions so that we might maintain a safe, balanced and clean environment for our planet and people.

What is your greatest environmental policy success story? 

When I learned about the impact that a rollback of the automatic stay would have on the ability of South Carolinians to protect themselves from polluters, I quickly acted. I worked with my colleague, Rep. Bernstein, in Judiciary sub-committee to slow down the auto stay bill and attempted to amend it. From my experience with a hazardous waste incinerator in Rock Hill, I know the impact that bad industry practices can have on communities and will fight tirelessly to protect them.

Closing Thoughts

I work to educate other legislators about our priority issues, regularly whip votes in support of conservation, and take the time to connect CVSC with other members of the House and engage regularly in dialogues with Conservation Voters to see how I might help with issues facing districts in SC.