Policy Update

New Mexico and Washington Pass Pollinator Protection Bills



NCEL Point of Contact

Ruth Musgrave
Conservation Senior Advisor


States around the country are focused on pollinator protection. This year, 21 states are considering pollinator legislation. Below are a few of the recent successes:

  • On April 3, New Mexico’s Governor signed S.B. 234 establishing a pollinator license plate. The funds from the plates will support pollinator protection programs such as roadside vegetation planting, educational signage, and demonstration gardens.
  • On April 15 Washington S.B. 5552 was sent to the Governor for signature. The bill requires the Department of Agriculture to develop a pollinator health task force, educational materials on pollinators and establishes a program to promote pollinator habitats.

Pollinators are declining rapidly due to loss of habitat, loss of food, and pesticides such as neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids cause bees to struggle with simple navigation and experience reduced growth rates. States are considering legislation to restrict this pesticide, with examples including Vermont H. 205 and Oregon H.B. 2619.