Press Release

NCEL Stands in Solidarity

June 8, 2020



NCEL Point of Contact

Taylor Anderson
Communications Director

NCEL Statement on Environmental Racism and Social Justice

NCEL recognizes the historic, systemic, and institutional racism that has contributed to violence and injustices against people of color. NCEL condemns police violence and systemic racism, and stands in solidarity with the black community and people of color everywhere. 

Racial justice is linked to environmental protection and restoration, as communities of color disproportionately face more dangerous outcomes from environmental threats and injustices, including air pollution, poor water quality, land-use practices, and hazardous waste. Ensuring a healthy environment means fighting for the truth that Black Lives Matter. 

NCEL is committed to ensuring environmental and social justice in our efforts. We will do better to emphasize equity and justice in all of our programmatic work while equitably partnering with key frontline and grassroots allies. We commit to lifting up diverse voices from across the country to advance cleaner, healthier, more just communities. NCEL’s vision of a “healthy environment for all” can and must include a world free of systemic racism.