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East and West Coast States are United in Blocking Offshore Drilling



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On February 5, New York became the latest state to pass a ban on offshore drilling. The bill now awaits the Governor’s signature, who has vocalized support

States united in opposition to proposed rollbacks of offshore drillings protections in January 2018 and five states enacted policies to restrict or block offshore drilling last year. In 2019, to date, 10 states have introduced legislation opposing offshore drilling. These states, combined with the legislation passed last year, nearly cover the entire West and East Coasts. Below is a summary of the legislation pending in coastal states.

Resolutions: These resolutions memorialize the states’ opposition to offshore drilling.

Restrictions: States have the ability to restrict oil and gas drilling, exploration, and transportation activities within waters regulated by the state, usually up to 3 miles offshore. They can also restrict the permitting for infrastructure related to offshore drilling.

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