Rooted in Nature, Empowered by Change: State Policies that Grow with Youth.

The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook empowers youth, communities, and state lawmakers to act. It shares successful policies, connects leaders, and sparks new ideas to reconnect all youth to the outdoors. While we focus on what states can do, the policies in the Playbook often work at both local and federal levels!

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Why Youth Outdoors?

Kids and youth thrive outside, but access to nature often depends on where you live and who you are. When everyone can spend meaningful time in nature, it makes us, our communities, and even our planet healthier. State lawmakers can turn to nature connections for healthier, happier children, stronger communities, and solutions to climate crises.

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The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook

The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook tracks new and exciting bipartisan policy ideas in outdoor equity & justice, environmental education & outdoor learning, outdoor health & wellbeing, and outdoor play.

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Community Spotlights

Get inspired year-round! Our Community Spotlights, updated monthly, showcase success stories and celebrate the changemakers shaping youth outdoor policy across the United States.

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Annual Trend Reports

Discover policy trends and insights in our Annual Trend Reports

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