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Clean Water Briefing Book


Midwest, Mississippi River

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Angela Yuan
Project Manager for Sustainable Agriculture and Water



America’s freshwater, including both the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes, is both a vital natural resource as well as an important economic driver. In fact, 92% of the nation’s agricultural exports are produced by farmers in the Mississippi River basin, the Great Lakes have $7 billion fisher and $16 billion tourism industries, and combined, these two bodies of water supply drinking water to more than 50 million people. However, due to pollution, spread of invasives, increasing frequency of storms, and a lack of infrastructure to weather these storms, freshwater and the communities that rely on them are under threat. In response, states have developed numerous legislative solutions and strategies to address these various challenges. This briefing book includes one-pagers on business and legislative solutions for clean water, FAQs, federal legislative updates, and fact sheets on flood resilient infrastructure, nutrient pollution, lead contamination, and PFAS chemicals.


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