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Noah Tobias

Land and Water Intern

Area of Focus

Land, Water


Charlotte, North Carolina



Noah Tobias is NCEL’s Land and Water Intern. He is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studies Ecology and Global Studies. At university, he researches coal mine reforestation, exploring which combinations of native trees provide the best habitat and outcomes for endangered animals. Prior to joining NCEL, Noah worked as a communications intern for Crag Law Center, an environmental law firm based out of the Pacific Northwest, and for an award-winning newspaper in South Africa. He hopes to pursue a law degree after graduation.  

Originally from North Carolina, Noah has had the privilege of living in a number of locations from Cape Town to Bemidji, Minnesota. Noah has been backpacking and camping since he was a child and loves to indulge his newfound interest in trail biking in the woods near his home. When he’s craving something less adrenaline-inducing, he forages for mushrooms and other wild foods.